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This talk is well illustrated with musical examples and is designed for both beginner and experienced astrologers alike. Pamela recently completed her M.

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In these times it is clear we need to find new maps to navigate our rapidly changing world. Making some sense of chaos would seem to be the new requirement. Astrology is an effective tool for understanding patterns of character, behaviour and growth. Yet it also shows us that life, and potentially we as astrologers, are ever changing. Cassandra Eve has been a practicising astrologer since the mid 's. Her work with astrology, holistic therapies and teaching meditation has taken her to live in New Zealand, India and Australia.

Now she lives and has her practice 'Whole Woman' in beautiful Cornwall, travelling throughout the UK to facilitate client consultations and workshops. The houses represent a layer of chart interpretation additional to the planets and zodiac signs. The chart for the beginning of the talk has five planets in the seventh house and two in the first.

If you wish, please bring a print-out of your birth chart to refer to - if you don't have a copy, please get in touch so we can inform you how to do this. An evening get-together with your astrological friends at the Royal Oak at Gretton , preceded by a circular walk by the River Isbourne at Winchcombe. We may be able to see Mars approaching its conjunction with Saturn later in the evening. It's a five-minute drive from Winchcombe to The Royal Oak. The Royal Oak has a 'pie and a pint' or glass of wine offer on Thursdays, plus the usual menu.

Please contact them if you want to check out dietary requirements. If the weather is looking poor, please check in here that afternoon for an update on the walk; the pub gathering will still go ahead. Teresa Moorey explores signatures of sexuality in the birth charts of celebrities , relating this also to the lives of all of us. How important is the sign Scorpio, Pluto and Mars in the sex life? Or could Mercury and Gemini prove surprisingly significant? She has written more than 50 books on esoteric subjects and works in private practice as a hypnotherapist and counsellor.

Electional Astrology is the forgotten branch of the art, yet also the one which gained the approval of the authorities in the Renaissance.

It has been used to choose times for the foundations of cities and cathedrals, to start businesses, to get married, and more. It has its own set of rules, which are simple to apply once learned. This talk gives examples from both past and present, and encourages the audience to have a go themselves, with some practical exercises! Bernard Eccles is a long-serving member of the astrological community, having joined the Astrological Lodge of London in the late s. Since then he has been President of the Lodge, lectured for the Faculty of Astrological studies, written books and sunsign columns, and won the Charles Harvey Award.

Wayland's Smithy. Our annual summer field trip is an opportunity to visit one of the many ancient or cultural sites that we are blessed with here in the south west of England, in the company of astrologers and friendly people with an interest in the subject. Please meet at It can be muddy and rutted though so wear suitable footwear.

Please also bring a picnic lunch.

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Please note there are no loos on either site during the day but the Teapot Tearoom see below have kindly agreed to allow us to use their facilities at any time of the day. There are also loos in Highworth and Farringdon which you may pass through on your journey.

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Please bring cash as they do not have a card facility. If the weather is poor we may alter our schedule to lunch at a local pub and include one of the interesting old churches in the White Horse Vale.

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But usually important events are not chosen by a astrologers, as far as we know. Of course if different people asked the question "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? So this discussion evening will use other astrological approaches, drawing on the charts of the EU and UK, other referenda and some of the key figures in the EU debate , to see what light astrology sheds on this possibly big decision. In a change to our usual format the evening will start at 8pm with 15 minutes for refreshments so that those who have attended the AGM may have a break , followed by an informal circle discussion on the subject of transits.

The evening will conclude at an earlier time than usual, 9. Please bring your chart and be willing to share your own recent, current, or upcoming transits, so that we can all gain insight into how these are playing out 'in the real world' of our own lives.

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The officers of the society will give their annual report on its activities and finances, subscriptions and entry charges will be set and officers for the forthcoming year will be elected, through an online members-only vote. Kris Lee and Graham Boston have indicated their willingness to stand for election again, though Chris Burgoyne has decided to step down.

The committee would like to thank Chris for his input and hard work over the last two years. All are welcome to attend the AGM, which is followed by a break then The notion of Fate , as well as the symbols and concepts of Renaissance Astrology, were embedded in the culture of Shakespeare's time. His plays give voice to many popular idioms that reveal an understanding of astrology quite different to that of the 20th and 21st Century astrologer.

This play may reflect a particularly unusual conjunction of planets that occurred in July : Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn in Leo, opposite Jupiter in Aquarius, a factor that may cast light on the uncertain date of the play's writing and early performances. He is also a published astrological cartoonist and lectures on early-modern England.

Tickets available , with a generous concession to members of Aquarius Severn. Should be interesting! All are welcome for good food , astro-chat and some mystery birthcharts to explore between courses! Please arrive by Parking is available at the pub, which is just off the A46, approximately 4 miles east of junction 9 on the M5 see map below.

As the Inn requires our menu choices by Tuesday 26th, please book early and prepay by filling in the form below. If the weather is clement, there will be a post-meal walk around Beckford Nature Reserve. Welcome to and our annual astrological look backwards and forwards just after the turn of the year. Uranus and Pluto have now finished their exact series of square aspects, but before this finally leaves us are still close enough to be in orb for January and February.

What have we learnt from this period that began in early - and will things seem different once they are past? The great chronocrators Jupiter and Saturn will be in square aspect in the Spring and later in the year Saturn will be squaring Neptune. Join us as we look back at the astrology of and look forward to how astrological events might play out globally and on an individual level in We are returning to The Golden Heart , where we enjoyed a convivial evening last December.

They have an extensive menu including a good selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. We may then be able to have a room to ourselves as last year. They may be instantly recognisable at least in Western culture , known by their surnames - or occasionally first names - alone and often seem to embody a particular principle or cause. Elvis Presley still inspires millions of fans, decades after his death. Mother Teresa became revered for her selfless charitable work. Mohandas Gandhi is synonymous with non-violent protest. We will look at the astrology of these individuals and more who seem to resonate with something beyond themselves.

Often their darker side is ignored as we elevate them to something akin to mythical status. The archetypal principles inherent in astrology can help us to understand the essential nature of these individuals and why so many respond to them. With Venus conjunct Mars for several weeks this Autumn, it's a propitious time to be looking at this subject. What in your chart determines the path that your Love-Life will take? We will find out how love fared for them and how it can for you.

Mary English is a professional astrologer, hypnotherapist and homeopath from Bath, and author of 14 astrology books including The Astrology of Indigos, Everyday Solutions to Spiritual Difficulties. Do you yearn to live a more sacred life every day? A life where you feel more connected to our Earth and to yourself?

Shamanism is a powerful path for both personal and collective transformation, bringing us into a deeper relationship with animals, plants and the Spirit in all things. The Shamanic traditions of this land are being 'remembered'. We are once again dreaming and communing with our animal allies with gratitude for all the assistance they bring.

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This introductory afternoon will be facilitated by Maxine Smillie , who has been a Shamanic Practitioner for over 30 years. Maxine has visited us before and led our field trip in the Wye Valley in maxinesmillie.

Carry on past our usual venue to the last building in the Terrace. Usual talk charges apply. Please check our parking map on the Locations page. The Literature Festival is taking place so please allow enough time for parking. There are also buses from Cheltenham racecourse car park to the town centre. In the first of a series of evenings by top international astrologers , we will show a video presentation especially made for us by US astrologer and author Courtney Roberts , who will present the latest ground-breaking findings in astrological research.

After the break Courtney, who is a long-time friend of Aquarius Severn, will join us from her home in Cape Canaveral , Florida to answer your questions. What does the future hold for astrological research? Where is astrology going , and what, if anything, will change about the way it is practised and used? Can we stay relevant, or even ahead of the game? Will there ever be an astrologer in space?! Bring your imagination, and your wildest hopes and dreams , as we explore the possibilities, some of which are becoming more and more probable with each passing day.

Join Aquarius Severn and Oxford Astrology Group for a lunchtime picnic at this ancient and atmospheric stone circle. Eat drink and be inspired by chat about current astrological events and maybe have a go at dowsing the earth energies. One of the most intriguing things about the stones are the seven concentric circles of energy which are usually easy to find with a divining rod or pendulum.