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It's an excellent time to make mental AND social connections. Your communications, teachings, studies, ideas, and writing may be a little hasty at times, and there can be times when you feel mentally wired. However, you enjoy greater passion and motivation to get things done and to learn or produce. You may not often sit still, and you're inclined to want to initiate independent work and projects. You learn best when you are teaching yourself or engaged in self-study until December 31st.

Watch carefully for alienating others through harsh words, or speaking prematurely of matters that are better left alone for the time being, especially around the and when impulsiveness can be a problem.

People are noticing you and wanting to be around you. This is a time for shining on a personal level, so take advantage. Venus spends most of the month in your social sector, supporting you and blessing your friendships and relationships with networks or associates.

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The last week of the month is influenced by a Full Moon that occurs in your partnership sector on the 22nd. Feelings are awakened and insistent. This can be a time for connecting with a significant other in wonderful ways or for awakening to emotions about a relationship. Days to watch include the , when you should avoid talking about or releasing something too soon.

You could feel rushed or under pressure, but it's best to wait. A lot is going on at this time - the Sun is square Neptune, Mercury is stationing, and it's a Balsamic Moon. All signs point to winding down rather than pushing forward with new initiatives.

It's quite fine, though, for tying up loose ends. There is wonderful energy with you from the in particular as Saturn and Pluto in your sign harmonize with planets in your social and communications sectors. Capricornns horoscope today. Capricorn daily horoscope December 14, l30class. Previous Sagittarius january 7 weekly horoscope. I love him but we have had a really bad year I stay denying my true feelings.

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