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But is that accurate? The astrology that we see in the English speaking world is based on the system developed in Ancient Mesopotamia. But this is not the only form of astrology. A different form called Vedic astrology emerged in India at roughly the same time, and is still used there.

While Vedic astrology uses the same constellations to allocate a person their sun sign, they have different names, and depending on your birthday, you may be in a completely different sign than you think. This is because the two different forms of astrology understand the positions of the constellations differently.

As a result, the position of the constellations in the Tropical zodiac and in Vedic zodiac currently differs by about 23 degrees. This means that unless you were born within the last 5 days of your Tropical zodiac sign, you are one sign back. Many astrologers claim that Vedic astrology is more accurate than Tropical astrology. Mesha is a creative idealist who has ambitions to change the world. They are natural leaders and believe in the causes that they are working for.

However, Mesha can be so focused on achieving their goals that they trample other people in the process and leave a lot of damage in their wake. They are open-minded and frank, but sometimes so frank that they can offend. Nevertheless they have an innate warmth which helps smooth their path. Vrishabha is patient and persevering and can continue to stay positive and move forward in the face of hardships. They enjoy domestic comfort and material security, and are willing to put in the work to build the comfortable life that they desire.

They are not quick to anger, but can be fierce when pushed beyond their limits. They are generally quite conservative in outlook. Mithuna is intelligent, and also extremely versatile and adaptive. They can fit into any situation. They are quick-witted and are always thinking and talking, sharing ideas and learning new things. Their adaptability can turn into inconsistency and they can be very changeable in what they want in life.

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Aquarius Kumbha : February 11 — March Pisces Meena : March 13 — April That might mean that I am [tilts head at screen] maybe not a Taurus? So, uh…. Need an astrology reading ASAP? OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do?

Vedic Astrology Signs | 12 zodiac signs name in English | Rasi name

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They move fast and are quick-thinking. They work hard and party even harder. The ruling planet is Mars. Your Aries Horoscope predictions are now just a click away from you. Taurus natives are known for being dependable, practical, strong-willed, loyal, and sensual. They love beautiful things. They are good at finances, and hence, make capable financial managers.

They are generous and dependable. They can be very stubborn, self-indulgent, frugal, and lazy. They have a possessive streak.

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The ruling planet is Venus. Your Taurus Horoscope predictions are now just a click away from you. Geminis are fascinating people. They are very fun-loving and believe in having a good time.

The 12 Zodiac Signs of Vedic Astrology

They have a sharp intellect and are very gregarious. Being good communicators, they do well in creative occupations, teaching, selling, writing, selling, etc. They have a dual nature and can be unpredictable. They tend to be fickle and moody. Their ruling planet is Mercury.

Aries (April 14-May 15)

They tend to have many love affairs. Your Gemini Horoscope predictions are now just a click away from you. Devoted to home and family, Cancer natives are emotional and sensitive. They cherish their home, loved ones, and material comforts. Their greatest wish is to provide all comforts to their loved ones. They are quick to offer help to others and try to avoid conflict as much as possible. When conflict threatens, Cancer will withdraw into a shell than confront it. They make excellent managers and organizers and take care of their colleagues as if they are family.

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The ruling planet is the Moon. Your Cancer Horoscope predictions are now just a click away from you. Leos are the royals of the zodiac. They are strong, bold, and regal in their manner and lifestyles. Leo born are very creative, independent, and dominant. Braveheart, their courage and confidence are unmatched.

They are also very ambitious. They never suffer from self-doubt. Most Leos know what they want from life. They can be vain at times and tend to show off. The ruling planet is the Sun. Your Leo Horoscope predictions are now just a click away from you. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos tend to be perfectionists.

Taurus (May 15 - June 15)

They are very caring towards their loved ones. But they also worry too much and nag others. They have a critical streak and can be a pain at times.