Capricorn man and capricorn woman relationship compatibility

Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man Relationship – Pros

Deep down, this man is afraid of being neglected, so he chooses safe connections and friendships. On the other side, the Capricorn man wants to meet a woman who will be his companion in life. Capricorn man is truly committed to his partner, so she should respond the same. He would never forgive a betrayal, nor physical or emotional. Capricorn man will protect you with all his forces, but will rarely ever admit his emotions, even though they are strong. Capricorn woman is one of the most feminine zodiac ladies. She has her gentle and sweet side, while she is a strong woman on the other side.

This woman will impress you with her tender and caring personality, combined with ambition and brave heart. You see, it is a bit hard to define her completely, but that makes her interesting. This lady has a practical mind, so she will never make unnecessary steps.

She wants to avoid any mess, so the Capricorn woman always organizes things in advance.

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You will know where she is at any moment, as she lives by schedules. Capricorn woman likes to experiment and has a bit unordinary ideas. She might be a scientist or an artist.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

Even though she looks like a lady who needs support in life, she is her own biggest support. Capricorn man has an authoritative attitude when she is on her job. She is respected and appreciated among her co-workers. Capricorn woman, however, might be discontent with her private life. She is a successful, independent woman, but she still needs someone who will put a smile on her face. It is not that easy to meet a man who will make her feel special. Capricorn woman wants to meet a man who is capable of being honest and loyal.

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She will usually see her partner as a father of her kids and someone who with she will spend the rest of her life. Capricorn man and the Capricorn woman never fall in love at first sight. They believe that love is a precondition, but it is not enough to form a strong and long-term relationship. These two will even be capable of being in a relationship without love if all the rest aspects are there. For example, both of them are types who work a lot and focus on a carrier, but also want family and children.

This means that their family orientation can bring them together for a lifetime. This woman is a bit bossy sometimes, so their children will never be spoiled, which pleases the Capricorn man. You already concluded that the Capricorn man and the Capricorn woman are ambitious and hard-working personalities. They will admire and respect each other but will compete at the same time.

These two have similar values and strivings in life. That is why they understand and give support to each other. Capricorn man and the Capricorn woman take each other seriously and will provide stability and security in a relationship. The tension might show up when it comes to taking the lead. Capricorn man as a macho man would want to be in charge, but the Capricorn woman is a dominant lady. She will have a hard time giving in the throne to him, which will result in quarrels. Yet, this is nothing too serious for their relationship. This love is a calm and peaceful one.

Neither the Capricorn man nor the Capricorn woman gets into arguments easily. Both the Capricorn man and the Capricorn woman are sensual creatures. They will enjoy the intimacy aspect of this relationship.

Capricorn & Capricorn Sun: Love Compatibility

However, in the beginning, none of them will be comfortable and relaxed. It takes some time to express themselves in the right way and fulfill each other needs. Still, this couple will find the balance here and give in to mutual pleasures. Even though they will be in a relationship, the Capricorn man and the Capricorn woman will expect to have a degree of independence.

The sign of the Capricorn is one of the most distrustful sign among the zodiac signs. The Capricorn male or female have a tendency to stay late after work in order to finish a project for the day. Most other signs of the Zodiac have a hard time dealing with their Capricorn Man not spending enough time at home with them. More than likely both of them will spend long hours at work. What Color Matches Your Personality?

Capricorn Woman – Capricorn Man

Try The Quiz Now!! In a Capricorn man and Capricorn woman marriage, both are both extremely successful so they will never have financial worries. They will enjoy returning home to each other in the evening. It will be important that they both learn to enjoy the small things in life and find ways to relax together.

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In bed, the Capricorn couple are sexually compatible and in love with each other. The thought of fighting or breaking up never crosses their minds. Test Now! Even though a Capricorn Man Capricorn Woman relationship seems perfect, there are still aspects of life that they will have to work on. At the end of the day, these two will want to relax and they might not agree on the same method. One might want to remain home while the other one will want to go out.


It might be difficult to convince two hard-working Capricorns to settle down and start a family. They both enjoy stability and sometimes have a difficult time with change.

If they finally do decide to marry and start a family, they will have to make the hard decisions of which one will be staying home to be the parent while the other one continues his or her career. Capricorn is an earth sign that is cardinal by nature. Tags capricorn capricorn female capricorn male love love compatibility. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.