Mangala yoga in astrology

Chandra Mangal Yoga is formed at a time when Moon and Mars conjoint or aspect each other in the birth chart of a person. Moon is generally considered to be the planet of happiness, mental strength and wealth.

Generic Effects of Mars (Mangal/ Kuja)

People who have Chandra- Mangal Yoga are known to prosper and make monetary gains with their efforts in the fields they choose. A person who has Chandra Mangal Yoga can be assured of making wealthy gains in their life.

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This depends upon the strength of Moon and Mars in the horoscope. There are twelve signs and the same number of houses in the horoscope. Therefore, the possibility of the moon being with Mars in the same house and in same sign in a horoscope is always one out of twelve.

Chandra Mangala yoga, is it bringing you success?

Therefore, Chandra Mangal Yoga occurs in the horoscope of every twelfth person in the world. As the occurrence of Chandra Mangal Yoga is decided by the presence of Moon with Mars, this yoga once formed will remain active for two and half days. This happens because none of the two planets will change their position during this time.

The Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga is formed when one of the true planets occupies:.

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Each planet rules two signs, and each planet has one sign in which it is exalted. That means there are three signs where each of these planets can qualify for a Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga , except for Mercury, which has only two signs to make the grade, since Virgo is the sign of both its ownership and its exaltation.

What are the odds?

In other words, one out of six charts will have one. In the case of Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga , the qualification was two-fold: the planet had to be strong by sign own or exalted and it had to be well-placed kendra. But in the case of the Chandra Mangala Yoga , the threshold for its formation is set very low — the planets need only associate or mutually aspect each other.

Yogas in Astrology: Powerful Planetary Combinations in Your Horoscope

But what if we demanded that the yoga be strong in some way or other, such as having Mars or the Moon strong by sign? In fact, we can now use these two examples to create a powerful Chandra Mangala Yoga :. From this, we can see that, whereas the formation of a basic Chandra Mangala Yoga is relatively common Then we can observe all negative traits like drinking, drug addiction, being rude to woman, exploiting woman, acting like brainless person.

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Woman with Chandra Mangal Yoga will be really strong, active, independent, self-earned wealth will be there in her life. Not gona rely on in laws property.


Mostly person with Chnadra-Mangal Yoga go for liquid related business. Chandra Mangal Yoga. Blog Yogas Chandra Mangal Yoga.